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We all have the one friend that no matter what they are going through there is a PEACE about them. They are calm. They are cool. They are collected. It’s like a tornado is turning their life upside down and they are chill. However, you on the hand are Frantic Fanny or Panicking Patricia. PEACE does not reside in your soul, but worry does.

That’s how Jesus’ disciples were in Matthew 8. Frantic and panicking.

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Lord, I’ll Take Your Scraps

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 3.18.13 PM.pngLiving in NYC you are bound to bump into a homeless person in need of a little money or little food. However, you have few that know what they want and won’t accept what is given to them. It’s as if, they have a sense of entitlement and deserve the best. They don’t want scraps or your leftovers from home.

However, you have few that will accept anything, a couple of scents, a bag of chips, some juice. They will take whatever you have to offer, because even though it wasn’t meant for them, they wouldn’t deny the offer of having some of it.

That’s what the Canaanite women thought when she begged and pleaded for Jesus to heal her child— I’ll take the scraps, the left overs. It didn’t matter, her faith was that strong.

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Faith Into Practice: Jehovah Jireh

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You ever been around that one friend or one family member that has a million things they need to get done and they always end it with.. “I don’t know how I’m going to do this or get that”. A part of you feels sorry, but you have no clue what to do or how to help, because it’s just a million things you don’t need at the moment. After all, you have your own life and responsibilities. So the best you can say is, “it will all work out”. As much as you want to believe it you can’t, because the laundry list is just too impossible.

At that moment, you forgot the God you serve. At that moment, you didn’t put your faith into practice, but allowed your worry and faith to step in and steal the show.

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Wash & Be Clean

When life goes completely left, we often call out to God to save us, deliver us, heal us. However, our pride, imagination or high expectations puts us in a place where we feel that WE ARE ENTITLED to God showing up and showing out in elaborate and extravagant ways to solve our problems and Naaman learned first hand that God doesn’t work the way we expect Him to work, but He is ALWAYS working.

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Hey Y’all!

For those who don’t know (I don’t think anyone knows).

Last year around this time, I began reading the Bible cover to cover. However, I didn’t get to the second cover (kinda). I stopped at Paul’s second letter to the church in Corinth (so I made it pretty far), but I was also reading the Book of Revelation during Wednesday night Bible Study. Even though I gain some knowledge and became familiar with some names and events, I stopped, because I had a ton of questions and reading the Bible on my phone was not working for me.

WELL, lately the Bible has been revealing things to me in a way I didn’t see or receive before, as well as there is a stronger burning fire in me to know more about the events that transpired in the days of the Old Testament.

With that being said, I am currently working on learning the kings that reigned in both Israel and Judah, as well as the Prophets God raised up to use during the times of idol worshipping and backsliding. It sounds like a lot and it is, because there are a bunch of Books I have to go through with a fine teeth comb, as well as making sure every Prophet goes to the king of that time.

This all started, because I was interested in Queen Jezebel, King Ahab and King Jehu. Thank you Revelation 2:20. While in Revelation Chapter 2, I came across the Nicolaitans and found out some interesting information and will be sharing that sooner than the Kings & Prophets piece.

To think, a year ago, I used my Bible on my iPad, because bringing a Bible with me to work was too much and too heavy. Then I stopped doing that and used my phone and the Bibles at my church. Then I began taking seminary classes, so I had to bring my Bible every. single. Wednesday. Now, I don’t leave home without it.


End Body Shaming

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 12.17.22 PM.pngBody shaming is defined as inappropriate negative statements and attitudes toward another person’s weight or size. It can also reach into the discrimination against individuals who may be overweight.

I have been told that I am getting fat… twice… within one week… by men. For someone strange reason, they felt very comfortable telling me to my face that I was getting fat. For some odd reason, I’m not even mad, just really disappointed.

Do I think I’m fat? No. Am I mad? No. For some odd reason, I’m not even mad, just really disappointed.

I’m disappointed that we live in a world where people feel the need to comment and discuss your body… YOUR. OWN. BODY. If people truly knew the impact words truly have on a person, they would THINK before they SPEAK.

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